3D Printing and Interior Design – Endless Opportunities


3D printing has been around for nearly three decades but just recently has it allowed interior designer opportunities we never thought were ever possible.  Imagine you are designing a chair and when you are finished you send it to a printer and right in front of your eyes the chair is being made, layer by layer from bottom to top. Welcome to 3D printing! It has endless opportunities and because it is a relatively inexpensive process which then allows you to create and design products on demand, just by a push of a button!

Evolution of 3D printing + Interior Design


When 3D printing first came out, they could only print with plastic materials. Now the machines have advanced and can pretty much print with any material.  There are printed cutleries in 18K Gold, American Standard prints faucet designs that weren’t even possible before 3D printing, not to mention light fixtures that take on the appearance of lace to bicycle-gear-shaped chandeliers. Anything is possible!

UrbanAlps, a company for Switzerland has developed a key that that is printed in a way that the teeth in the key are hidden from view, this security aspect of 3D printing makes it close to impossible to counterfeit.


Designer Jon Christie, who has created a table and chairs using hybrid 3D printing technology, shares “by using 3D printing, furniture designs can be mass customized far more easily, with less waste, faster production times and cheaper distribution.”

3D printing is revolutionary in the production of interior design and we are continuing to look closely how this will change the ability to create designs on demand.  3D Printing and Interior Design are giving you endless opportunities!


How would you use 3D printing?