Luxury Foyers

The foyer can arguably be the first impression a guest gets of your home. While your living room and dining room areas are more frequently utilized, you do not want to underestimate the importance of the foyer area. Utilizing luxury techniques in this area can charm and entice your guests before entering the main showcase.

Your luxury foyer should set the theme and tone of the rest of the home. This is the entryway afterall, and connects to the main areas of the home. High ceilings are recommended in this area. Spacious and airy designs regardless of style, should give the feeling of openness as well as comfort when utilizing the right decor.

Practicality of course takes reign in this area, so the additions of coat racks and umbrella holders are strongly suggested.

Mirrors can be a decorative and functional way of utilizing this area. Occupants and guests alike can get a glimpse of themselves before and after dinner parties, or do last minute tidying up before leaving to a big event. Mirrors also act as a lovely backdrop for artistic decorations such as vases and plants.

Tables and dressers can harbor photos, items and even small pieces of art. Along with the tables, seating areas could be useful to give touches of class and consideration for guests.

Artwork and sculptures are a lovely welcome to your luxury home. Chose art that gives you a feeling of comfort and beauty.

Lighting is especially important in this area; adding a chandelier can add a sense of grandeur to this space. Lamps for the tables also give a more direct lighting and can be utilized for highlighting photos and artwork you have displayed.

Keep the foyer a beautiful lasting impression; it is the first and last area people see when entering and exiting your luxury home.