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Displaying Fine China in the Dining Room

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Beautiful wedding china and heirloom china should be used and displayed. So many people keep their “good” china stored away out of sight, and out of mind in the cupboard. This is a shame. Displaying your china in the dining room can remind you to use it. Displaying the china can also be a beautiful addition to your room design.

There are several ways to display china in the dining room.  A china cabinet or hutch can be purchased and placed along the wall to display china and glass ware.  Glass doors are essential to see the china and glassware; no more hiding behind closed doors.  You can store your everyday plates and glasses in the cupboards with solid doors.

Another way to display china in the dining room can be the simple addition of molding or floating shelves on the walls. Plate molding is common above wainscoting or board and batten molding. This thin molding provides a lip to support plates and platters.  Adding shelves with a groove can also create a place to vertically display your china as well as the horizontal space for bowls and serving pieces.

If you have a collection of heirloom china that you do not want to use for serving, you can hang it on the wall for a colorful and patterned wall display.  You can do this with inherited china or finds from estate sales. Displaying china on the wall can look both modern and traditional depending on the china and the style of display.

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