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Take Your Celebration from Simple to Stunning

Monday, August 13th, 2012

As summer’s end approaches, you might be thinking about how to wrap up the season with a Labor Day celebration. Even though it is still a month away, planning a perfect party takes some forethought and an eye for detail.

Traditionally, Labor Day festivities include greasy food, paper plates, and a healthy dose of t-shirts and shorts. But what if your ideal social gathering is a little lighter and airier than a down-home barbeque and a game of horseshoes?

Consider upgrading that age-old American tradition to a tasteful afternoon tea, complete with finger sandwiches, champagne, and of course, delicate summer teas. In order to prepare your home and outdoor space for this type of social gathering, you’ll need to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, while maintaining a warm and inviting feel.

Upscale Kitchen

Decorative vases and serveware are a great way to create a stylish, yet subdued canvas for the artful placement of your food and beverage selection.

Herend Royal Garden Tea & Coffee Collection - 24K Gold

How do you prepare for a summer social gathering? Share your thoughts on changing that Labor Day get-together from simple to stunning!

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The Belle of the Ball (aka Your Living Space!)

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Just for fun, let’s look at a makeover to an already beautiful space and talk about how it’s similar to your own transformation when preparing for a social gathering.

This Potomac kitchen was clearly a perfect canvas for some couture design renovations. It featured a lovely, open space with neutral walls and cabinetry, but it just needed a professional touch to allow the room to shine.

Luxury Kitchen Before

Now imagine you’re preparing to have a night out or invite some good company to share some laughs and conversation. You look in the mirror and see that your outfit could use an update or your makeup needs to be freshened up. You’re happy with what you see, but you just want to add a few special touches.

Let’s go back to that Potomac kitchen. After a complete design overhaul, we can still recognize the space and its functionality, but its true colors shine through, and it makes a real statement. Notice the lighting and luxury details to the cabinetry and walls. The room finally got the attention it deserves.

Entertain in your beautiful kitchen!

Similarly, as you’re preparing for your social event, you might pull out a dramatic lip color or adorn your entire ensemble with that special piece of couture jewelry. Just like that beautiful kitchen, you have transformed your appearance from simple to stunning.

Do your interior design choices reflect your personality and style the same way your wardrobe does?

Luxury Kitchen After

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Kitchen Efficiency!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010
Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury Kitchen Designs-Haleh Design, Inc

Regardless of usage, the kitchen is probably the most ripe for being need of efficiency.  Large or small homes will agree that the kitchen is probably the most high traffic area of the home, and having efficient storage will make your life much easier!

Cabinets: Previous posts talk of cabinetry, and this is the ideal place for storage. To maximize their usage, use pull out shelves for large pots and pans, mixing bowls, and small appliances. This helps storage for stacking, as well as save potential pain on your back from digging to the back of the cabinet. Practical can be elegant too! Long, vertical pull out storage shelves are great for spices, and condiments. Keeping these items closer to the kitchen sink, pullout trash and recycle bins are also handy and you can wash your hands immediately after handling items.

Open Shelving: Open shelves are a great way to add practical use and display to your kitchen decor. Store dishware and decorative pieces on open shelves. Pot racks can be used to hang pots and pans for ease in cooking over the stove. You can have your items on display while keeping functionality.

Drawers: This seems like common sense but separate large and small utensils from each other in your drawers. You’ll find the right utensils without fumbling around. Keeping aluminum foil, wax paper, trash bags, and sandwich bags in a drawer will free up space for your shelves. If you have the space, refrigerated drawers can be utilized and are great for kids food keeping snacks in arms reach.

Kitchen Islands: Ideal for adding extra storage and counter space, you can obtain portable or fixed kitchen islands. Islands with casters are ideal for kitchen’s that need flexibility in space and function. However, the more elegant fixed kitchen islands can house shelves, drawers, a lower microwave shelf, and even a display area for cookbooks and collectibles.

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Luxury Old World Kitchens

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

The living room spaces are not the only area of the house that can use the luxurious design elements. We can match the kitchen decor to the living areas and complete your Old World look and feel throughout your luxury home design. It is possible to convert your contemporary kitchen into an Old World style kitchen yet still retain the high tech functionality.

A couple of relatively simple fixes can give you that style. For example, you can take 8″ wide plank wood flooring and a Schambach chandelier to give your kitchen a more renaissance look. Custom crown moldings along with typically Oak or Cherry wood, gives the kitchen the old world feel. Using copper and wooden accessories will accent the area.

Wolf ovens and Subzero appliances are the preferred choice and typically fit well with any design. A brick arch over the cooking stove also works well if when a traditional fireplace is not an option. If you have high ceilings, thick beams help portray an instant, rustic charm to your kitchen. Cabinetry should include curves and open shelving to highlight collections of dishes and/or stoneware.

Here is a before and after shot to illustrate what Halehdesigns has done.


and after!

Creative changes in the wood, cabinets, flooring and lighting are great ways to recreate the contemporary kitchen into a lavish masterpiece.

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