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Design you Holiday Dinner Table with a Fabulous Set of Bowls and Platters

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year?  If so what is on your menu?  If you are searching for a charming new set of servers and platters to brighten up your dining table, here are some of the spectacular collections by Julia Knight®.  Their collections combine sand-cast aluminum with hand-painted pearlized enamel, some with hand-cut, hand-inlaid Mother of Pearl. Their enamels are mixed with crushed Mother of Pearl giving each piece depth and beauty.

Inspired by the magic of a flower garden, her flora bowl collection showcases a rich assemblage of lush colors and unique shapes. From entrees to appetizers, imagine how all of your delicious holiday treats will look in these fabulous bowls and platters!

This is their Leaves collection called “Leaves for every season” where they display the Grape Leaf Bowls and Platter in a soft subtle palette for Spring and rich colors for Fall.

Last but not least, here is their Holiday collection called “Holly Sprig” in Mojito green and Snow white with red berries to entice your holiday appetite and put you in the holiday spirit!

Which are your favorite designs and patterns?  What are the colors that you are going to incorporate in your dinner table this Thanksgiving?  Please share with us on our Facebook page


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Balancing Act: The Art of Symmetry in Interior Design

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

The classic interior design traditions often incorporate the beauty of symmetrical balance. Symmetry is exemplified by repeating the same objects in the same positions on either side of a center point. Incidentally, symmetry also reflects the human form, so we’re innately comfortable in a balanced setting.Symmetry in Design

Asymmetrical balance, however, is sometimes more suitable in modern layout design. Balance is achieved with some different pieces that have equal visual weight or eye attraction. It is more casual and has a less contrived feeling, but it can be more difficult to achieve. Asymmetry suggests movement in the design of any room or  landscape, and it leads to more a dynamic look.

Symmetry in DesignA well-designed room always has focal points throughout its natural flow. A focal point must be dominant to draw attention and appealing enough to encourage the admirer to look more deeply into the ambiance of the space. It imparts a lasting impression, but must also be an integral part of the surroundings linked through scale, style, color, or theme.

What are some of your favorite focal points in your home? Fireplaces? Grand staircases? Share your thoughts with us!

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Haleh Design Hosts 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Party

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Haleh Design hosted the 2nd Annual Holiday Gift Party November 3, 2011 in Potomac, Maryland. Beautifully-boxed, exquisite gifts were offered from brands such as Herend, Lalique, L’Object, Agraria, Julia Knight, Table Art, Magenta, Atticus, Global Views and many more. During the event hors d’oeuvres and beverages were served while attendees browsed perfect gifts for hostesses, teachers, family and friends.

Gifts were priced from $20 to $300 with 10% of each purchase going towards the charity of the customer’s choice: Victory Youth Centers or Susan G. Komen.

While the event is passed, gifts are still available at Haleh Boutique.

For additional information about the event please visit or email

Julia Knight



Global View

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Get Inspired with Fall Tablescapes

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Nothing says fall like a beautifully laid table of seasonal decorations. Dressing your table elegantly with a cornucopia of items such as pumpkins, gourds, fresh cut flowers and fine china brings a festive feel to your home. Following are some beautiful fall tablescapes to inspire you and spark decorating ideas of your own. Be sure to visit the Haleh Boutique for showstopping choices for your fall table.

Gold and ivory place settings give a warm glow to this gorgeous Thanksgiving table.  Roses, miniature pumpkins and squash add a touch of fall.

A strategically placed fall leaf at each place setting gives the perfect autumn feel to this elegant table.

A striking arrangement of squash and squash blossoms would give any table fanciful décor.

A candlelit table welcomes a festive occassion with family and friends. Touches of silver kick up the wow factor.

The creator of this Thanksgiving table didn’t skimp on beauty with a plethora of touches straight out of the garden.

We love the simplistic nature of this tablescape. Small buds, fronds and leaves cascading out of small silver containers give a colorful ambience to the room.

An urn filled with richly hued decorative balls would be lovely as a centerpiece on a luxuriously decorated table.

Purple in the linens and on the china plays beautifully with the rich orange of the gold glassware and flatware.

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Be Prepared for Gift Giving this Holiday Season

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

What is your favorite part of the holidays?

With the holidays fast approaching, it is the perfect time to start getting ideas on the best gifts to shower your loved ones.

Below, we gathered a few of our favorite ideas to help you get in the gift giving mood.


Herend China Frog Prince Green Fishnet – Trimmed in 24k gold – 3 3/4 inches high 2 3/4 inches long


Edgar Berebi Ribbon & Bow Box-2-3/8″ x 2-5/8″ x 1-7/8″; Garnet with Silk Swarovski Crystal; Museum Gold Plate; Made in the USA
Gifts Under $250
Wine Bottle Caddy-Nickel w/Rosewood Handle; 13.5″L x 7″W x 8.5″H
Lobjet Garland Napkin Rings, Dazzling garland design is embellished with hand-set, white Swarovski crystals. Also available in gold-plated metal with yellow crystals. Set of 4
Gifts Under $100
Agraria Golden Pomegranate Petite Crystal Cane Candle - Approximate burning time: 25 hours 3.4-oz
Julia Knight Serveware – Peony 7″ Butter Dish
For more gift-giving ideas visit Haleh Boutique online.
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Introducing Herend Royal Garden Dinnerware at Haleh Design Boutique

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Herend Royal Garden Collection


Recently, Hungary presented a bespoke Herend dinner service to Prince William and Kate Middleton on the eve of their wedding. The handcrafted, hand painted porcelain set was designed specifically for the couple in celebration of their union. The dinnerware, Royal Garden, “is a modern interpretation of Herend’s classic Queen Victoria pattern that was first purchased in 1851 by its namesake upon seeing it in London at the first Great Exhibition, later to become known as the World’s Fair.” Now, 160 years later, Herend master artisans created a new version for the royal couple.

The 45-piece Royal Garden set was presented in London by Janos Csak, Hungary’s Ambassador. Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir David William Brewer, accepted the gift on the royal couple’s behalf, saying Prince William “holds Herend in high regard and appreciates such a uniquely personal gift.”

Today, we are pleased to introduce Royal Garden dinnerware to our discerning clients. Lavender and green dominate three pattern variations: full pattern, just peonies, just butterflies. In addition to a 5-piece place setting, other pieces are available such as the cake plate, ribbon tray, platter, covered sugar, creamer, round bowl, triangle dish, teapot and soup tureen.


You can now share in Herend’s 185-history, which includes 20 royal families from around the world who have also owned Herend masterpieces. Prince Charles and Princess Diana owned Herend dinnerware in the Rothschild and Blue Garland patterns. Diana also received a Herend figurine in her stocking each Christmas.

What do you think of owning this historically significant and luxurious Royal Garden dinnerware? Please leave us your comment here.

Herend Royal Garden Dinnerware

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Herend Masterpieces directly from Herend Museum

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

“Brush your fingers along Herend’s smooth white porcelain body and hand painted designs, and sense the passion of great sculptors, master painters and visionary designers imbued in every piece they lovingly craft.” –Herend

With humble beginnings in the small village of Herend, Hungary in 1826, Herend porcelain would go through many stages of economic change in the porcelain industry before being discovered by European royalty. After, it would gain admirers across the seas soon creating a worldwide following. Enjoyed by generation after generation since, today, Herend’s supreme porcelain is acclaimed as “white gold” by those who know its artistic allure and dramatic beauty.

Haleh Design is thrilled to have recently acquired three one-of-a-kind museum quality Herend masterpieces which were never meant to leave the Herend factory, nor be sold. This is the first time a one-of-a-kind Herend master creation has ever been offered to anyone. Historically, one would have to tour the factory in order to view them. Of the 400 painters at the Herend factory there are only 20 or so Master Artists at any given time. The final step in being bestowed with the coveted title “Master Artist” is to create a masterpiece on your own which is then presented to a judging board. Based on your work the board decides if you become a Master Artist. These pieces are those master creations.

Herend Woman With Shawl

The Lady Figurine Retails for $35,750.00
Artists – Sandor Vida,  Atila Peto, and Laszlo Tarto
#1 of a Limited Edition of 10

Herend Green Jar

The Green Jar retails for $48,000.00
Artist – Klein Tamas
Height: 25.5”, Diameter: 9.8”, Pattern: CHO-16, Stock Number: 6576-0-15

Herend Yellow Jar

The Yellow Oriental Jar retails for $23,750
Artist – Vajda Szabolcs
Height: 18.9”, Diameter: 6.7”

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Investing in Fine Antique Persian Rugs

Monday, April 18th, 2011

More than simply beautiful decorative elements, antique Persian rugs can also be a wise investment.  Persian rugs are handmade in Iran, formerly Persia.

A fine antique rug will last more than a lifetime.  Like all antiques, the rug must be at least 100 years old to be a true antique.  Beware of “antiqued” rugs that are chemically washed to give an older appearance but are not true antique Persian rugs.

What makes antique Persian rugs expensive is as much about quality as it is about age.  Antique Persian rugs are hand-woven on a loom, which distinguishes them from modern copies that are machine made.  Weaving consists of weft, the long vertical threads, the horizontal threads called warp and the knots that make up the color and pattern of the rug.  In antique Persian rugs, the warp and weft can be wool, cotton or silk while the knots are usually made of wool. Remember, the higher the number of knots, the higher the quality of a rug.

The best wool is handspun and has a sheen or gloss to it.  Good quality wool is another factor that adds to the expense of a Persian rug. Color is traditionally achieved with vegetable dyes. Modern rugs use chemical dyes which do not have the same depth as vegetable dyes.

Ask questions and always buy from a trusted dealer. You do get what you pay for when it comes to fine antique rugs, so beware if the price seems too good to be true.  A pleasing pattern, high knot count and good quality wool will help make your Persian rug a great investment.

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Unique Boutique

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Unique giftsWe’re proud to announce that the is live! We are truly excited about this because it offers an opportunity for Haleh Design to reach out to the consumer and shopper and be a part of their exquisite and unique decor of their home. Visit us at and see all of the classical & glamorous furniture, vases, crystals, dining tableware items, unique gifts and home accessories we have to offer.

Each item is a carefully curated collection that ranges from classic, formal elegance to crisp, modern trends. Because HDI customers value craftsmanship and quality, we choose only the finest materials, furnishings and accessories from around the world. Our products exhibit the finest handcrafting and detailing. Like our designs, Haleh’s boutique pieces embody luxury, grace and quality. Some of the brands that we carry consist of L’Objet, Herend fine china, Julia Knight servers and Agraria fine home fragrances. Just in time for the holidays, see our store for unique gift ideas, unique home accessories and the hard-to-find Corporate holiday gifts !

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