Create an Outdoor Living Room You’ll Love

An outdoor living area is part of today’s lifestyle no matter where in the country you live.  For the lucky, outdoor living is a year round option while others seize the warm summer days and nights of a brief few months to expand their living space outside. No matter which group you fall into, creating an outdoor living area is a must if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Outdoor furniture, dining sets, textiles and lighting come in a variety of styles to fit into even the most discerning décor. Long gone are the days of picnic tables and a few citronella candles.  A stone terrace or patio, deck or porch can all easily be turned into an outdoor living area to rival your interior.

Many outdoor living areas have a focal point like a fireplace or fire circle.  A stone or stained concrete “floor” sets a space apart from the rest of the yard, but a deck or porch can also work. Outdoor seating should be comfortably covered in durable, yet stylish outdoor fabric covered cushions.

Shade and shelter are also things to consider when creating an outdoor living area.  A screened porch or high tech bug deterrents are important to keep in mind if you live in an area with mosquitoes.  Outdoor lighting ranges from solar path lights to elaborate chandeliers in covered areas.  If your outdoor living area is on a porch or under a pergola, consider custom slip-covered furnishings in washable fabric.  Outdoor area rugs center the seating area and make the outdoor living area feel more like an interior space.

These are just a few ideas to help you create an outdoor living area for your home.  How you will use your outdoor space will guide you to how to decorate it. A variety of comfortable seating, tables, lighting and flooring should all be on your shopping list.  You may also want to consider creating an outdoor kitchen to make your outdoor living area complete.

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