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Style Savvy

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Haleh Designs Inc. offers an eclectic collection of extraordinary art, classic furniture and accent pieces, lighting, sculpture, wall décor and other unique home furnishings to gracefully decorate your home.

Haleh Niroo, founder of Haleh design Inc. and owner of Haleh Boutique has a number of sophisticated clients who depend on her unique interiors to bring elegance into their homes and reflect the luxurious lifestyle they have worked hard to cultivate.

Bring style savvy to your home décor with Haleh Designs to:

• Highlight a fireplace by topping a mantle with timeless sculpture

• Add luxury to a living room with unique lighting

• Infuse intimacy with home scents and fragrances in the bathroom

• Transform a bedroom into a sanctuary with a rich tapestry of wall décor

Haleh Designs Inc. and Haleh Boutique bring you the high end design that will turn your home into a showcase of furnishings and accent pieces that will reflect your own personal style.

Visit or today and enjoy the style savvy designs for luxury living.

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Use the Element of High End Design to Express a Room’s Personality

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

High end furniture design and home furnishings ultimately define a room. The way you decorate a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom transforms a room and gives it a personality that makes it a vital living space worth spending time in.

Even foyers, hallways and other subordinate nooks and crannies of a home have their own unique flavor that serve to blend all the other elements of design together and create flowing interiors that effortlessly compliment each other.

Hand painted screens, armoires, dining sets, designer lighting, antiques, bureaus, sculptures, frames and other luxury home furnishings and accent pieces will add the colors and textures to a room to make it an intimate oasis of style and elegance.

Haleh Boutique offers some of the design world’s most distinguished high end home furnishings and accent pieces and features talented international designers including:

• Habersham Home
• Meroni Fracesco
• Columbo Mobili
• Moser
• Herend

Visit today and treat yourself to the quality home furnishings and accent pieces that will add personality and breathe new life into your home décor.

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What Your Art Says About You

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

While the furniture you showcase definitely sets the tone, the accent pieces you choose define your taste and the lighting and color you decide on may represent your own personal style, the artwork you have in your home speaks volumes about who you are, what you think and how you view the world.

The Neanderthals drew it onto their caves, the Egyptians used hieroglyphs, and the Chinese even place it on a grain of rice. Art ….it is everywhere and has been around as long as man has.

Haleh Designs Inc. has an impressive art collection and provides even the most discerning high end client with the perfect artwork for their home.  Whether you are seeking to choose the right walls to display artwork or you are seeking an exquisite mural for your foyer, you will discover that the perfect Art truly does exist & it will be discovered for you.

Contact Haleh Design, Inc. today and explore the possibilities of finding artwork for your home that will display beauty, taste and who you really are.

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Complete the Look of a Room by Adding Subtle Accent Pieces

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Subtle accent pieces can make all the difference to your home’s overall décor and ultimately bring a room to balanced perfection.

By adding subtle accent pieces you will create that finishing touch feeling that transforms a room from a work in progress into mission accomplished.

It is amazing the difference you can make with a few elegant accent pieces to pull a room’s décor together and complete a well thought out theme.

By simply setting an intimate lamp near an antique desk to perfectly light the richness of its intricately carved pattern or creating depth by placing an asymmetrical crystal sculpture on a table you can turn the drab and ordinary into interesting and fabulous.

Even a single splash of color brought to a space by a well placed designer bowl or pair of chic candle holders will draw the eye by delighting the senses and conveying an atmosphere of tasteful luxury.

Haleh Boutique specializes in providing the unique high end accent pieces that will breathe life into a room’s decor.

Develop your own personal style by adding the tasteful home furnishings to highlight all of the elements that make a room deliciously one of a kind.

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Haleh Boutique Provides Luxury Furniture, Accent Pieces and Artwork to Celebrities and Other High End Clientele

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 caters to celebrities, socialites and other sophisticated clientele who are looking for luxury furniture, elegant accent pieces and unique artwork to showcase in their homes.

They offer a unique collection of high end furniture and home accessories at their boutique or at their online store at They specialize in furniture, home furnishings, lighting, table toppers, elegant dinnerware and other luxury decor.

Haleh Boutique offers classic furniture and luxury furnishings that will satisfy every discriminating palate.

They are a complete interior design resource for those who are looking for home furnishing and tasteful décor additions while bringing luxury where it can be most enjoyed…into the home.

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Hosting a Post Holiday Dinner?

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

With all the busy Holidays dinners, did you discover that you are in need of new dinnerware?  There are a wide variety of casual and formal dinnerware to set your dinning table in style for the next hosting occasion. Set the mood with the stylish glassware, china, serveware and more to present the perfect holiday dinner to friends and family.

If you are looking for a personal shopper to provide you with the finest dinnerware to meet the style of you & your home, send us a message and we will be happy to help you prepare for your next dining occasion.

Here are a list of upscale dining accessories for you to consider:

• Barware
• Bar Accessories
• Decanters
• Casual and Fine China
• Drinkware
• Napkins and Napkin Rings
• Serveware
• Bowls
• Cake Stands
• Salt and Pepper Shakers
• And Much More

Visit and order the dinner accessories that will make every special occasion an event to be remembered.

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Strategic Decorating: How Home Furnishings Can Create the Right Energy for a Room

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

There is no denying every home space has its own feel to it and creates a sense of flow or energy to make it unique. Whether it is warm and cozy, stimulating, comfortable, peaceful or private, there are thousands of nuances that can be created for every space by utilizing, lighting, colors, textures and patterns to create a personality for each space.

The right home furnishings and accent pieces have the power of transforming any room of your home to give it the perfect feng shui or flow energy.

Utilizing accent pieces to allow for free flowing movement, to draw the eye or to create openness or warmth is all possible by choosing the home furnishings and accent pieces that will create the right energy and make the room function the way you want it to.

Some Basic Questions to Ask Yourself When Decorating a Room to Create Feng Shui:

• How do I want the room to Flow?
• What do I want the room’s Function to be?
• Am I creating the right Feel for the room?

Haleh Design has upscale interior home furnishings and accent pieces that will give the space you are looking to decorate the right flow of energy and create the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Create your own personalized style and master the art of feng shui with unique home interiors from Haleh Boutique.

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