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High End Interior Design for Home Library

Friday, March 19th, 2010

If you are looking to build a home library, it’s time to explore some options when creating this custom & personalized space. The home library reflects the personality of its owner and is a place to organize and keep those books that are enamored and treasured. It is important that the books that you will house in this room to be chosen by the home owner and family to record the passing and their lasting interests and passions.

Though a home library would likely complement and merge with the high end design of the home, the luxury home library would likely offer features such as:

  • Rich wood shelving to sustain years of book storage.
  • Wood flooring covered with collectible Persian Rug.
  • A small table in between a couple of reading chairs.
  • Lamps that work with the theme of the luxury home library.
  • A desk with a computer
  • Stereo equipment to set the mood you are in while enjoying this room.
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Art of Expression Through High End Interior Design

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Crafting your interior is like working with art. High end interior design takes trial and error, a keen eye for detail added with that personal touch to truly augment your surroundings and make your luxury home a masterpiece.

Interiors are your canvas. The tools you utilize to decorate this canvas come in a wide variety of color palettes, furniture styles, room shapes and many other factors. One should chose carefully when planning. From minimalist expressions to lavish decadence, high end interior design is about expression of one’s own persona, aligning with a sense for fashion, elegance and charm. Much like art, it is an expression of the artists (designer) creativity and ability to combine your personal preferences with the brushstrokes of artistic intuition. A joint effort truly inspires and dazzles the imagination, leading to your work of art.

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Luxury Interior Design – Add Green?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

When we think of luxury interior design, we often ignore the simple yet elegant decor of adding plants to liven the space. Whether you have a rustic charming manor or a modern stylized palace, plants can add color and beauty to just about any room in the house.

However given this is your luxury space, we can just pick any plant. We have to veer our eyes towards particular plants that will compliment your space and be noticeable without being a distraction.

Medium sized plants that are relatively low maintenance and easy to shape are the key. No, do not get a cactus. Pick a plant that fills a space nicely and is adaptable to your designs. Some plants are more conditioned for rooms with a lot of light, while others can thrive in darker areas. Be sure to investigate which variety fits best for your decoration, both in the nature of growth and how it will add to your living quarters.

Large Ferns or small palms can add a nice touch to a living room decor. Ficus plants with their long and graceful leaves, are also a great idea and they come in dozens of varieties. If you have plenty of space and need ideas for the outside, you may even consider a banana tree, for an island exotic flare.

Particularly if you have a lot of white space in your place, or simply need some extra features that are not necessarily furniture; plants can add color,variety and literally life, for the perfect accent to your home.

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